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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Look at the Earth from Outer Space

How is the earth look like from space? Have you ever considered such a question? Though we have to stay on the earth for a whole lifespan, few of us can tell correctly the image of the earth, I'm afraid.

Look at these pics by a Japanese astronaut, will you believe what come into your eyes?

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge--the longest suspension bridge in the world

Niagara Falls in the winter, is it frozen?

the Forbidden City (in Beijing--a must-see in China travel)

Lake Pukaki in New Zealand 

Desert in Iraq, more like an oil painting

the Dead Sea in Israel

Istanbul Turkey--the throat of transportation from the east to the west

The Grand Canyon in the U.S.

Beijing-- capital of PRC, find the bird's nest?

International Space Station

Soichi Noguchi--the astronant
Have you ever considered that from another angle, the earth can demonstrate such a different view? Mysterious, charming and pleasant!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Shoton Festival--Good Chance for Tibet Tour

The Shoton Festival, a traditional Tibetan festival, falls on the end of June and the beginning of July according to Tibetan calendar. In 2011, the Shoton Festival will be held from August 29th to September 4th at Lhasa, right at the best time of going China Tibet visit.

Shoton Festival is the most important festival after Tibetan New Year. "Shoton" in Tibet means yoghourt, so the Shoton Festival refers to time for yoghourt. It was initially a religious festival before the 17th century. Nowadays, during the period of the festival, there will be grand performance of Tibetan opera, so the Shoton Festival is also called "Tibetan Opera Festival".
the Shoton Festival in 2010

Beijing Promotion Conference of 2011 Chinese Tibetan Shoton Festival

the past activities on the festival