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Monday, May 7, 2012

“Supermoon” Makes 2012 Qiantang River Tide More Splendid

On May 6th, the “supermoon” came into people’s eyes, in front of the Hangzhou International Conference Center, people took some photographs which showed us the “supermoon” was the biggest and the brightest of this year. Professionals told that the next “supermoon” would be seen on June 23th the next year.

Effected by the “supermoon”, at 14:48 yesterday, in Qiantang River, a big tide came into the sluice gate, making up big waves with a four meters heights. The scene was quite splendid. Deputy director XuJianPing told that the tides caused by the lunar gravitation was one of the important reasons for the phenomenon. Because of the “supermoon”, the tide in this year would be the biggest compared with the tides at same period in the past ten years.

Recently, the Qiantang River has come into major flood season, according to the current situation speculation, the tide in lunar August would be the most splendid and beautiful than the past years. Varieties of tourists would come to watch the tide, welcome all the friends come to Hangzhou city!