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Friday, July 29, 2011

What Mask Do You Wear?

Have a test to identify the mask you have!

1.  Have a Call from Ex-lover, pick it up or not?
A. Yes, jump to the No.2 Question
B. Nope, jump to the No.3 Question

2.  What kind of Beds do you like?
A. Single-Bed, jump to No.4 Question
B. Double-Bed, jump to No.3 Question

3.  Do you have special memories in the songs you often listen to?
A. Yes, jump to No. 4 Question
B. No, jump to No.5 Question

4.  Do you have habit of using alarm clock in the morning?
A. Yes, jump to No.6 Question
B. No, jump to No.5 Question

5.  How’s your last time of watching movies in cinema?
A. To watch by yourself, jump to No.6 Question
B. With someone, jump to No.7 Question

6.  What kind of cell phone ringtones do you have?
A. Default ringtones, jump to No. 7 Question
B. Special one did by yourself, jump to No.8 Question

7.  How to release your sad?
A. Be alone, jump to Answer A.
B. Find someone and pour out, jump to Answer B.

8.  If you can choose prizes, which one do you want to choose?
A. Car, jump to Answer C.
B. House, jump to Answer D.

Answer A
Mask: warm
Someone who doesn’t really know you thought you are an optimistic, cheerful, enthusiastic, long-haired red fire fox, however, only the guys who live with you know the truth that you are a melancholy, pessimistic white rabbit with a pure soul. Why a white rabbit has the fur of a red fox? The reason is your strong sense of responsibility and inherent kindness keep you running and jumping like a nine-tail fire fox, even sometimes you thought the fur of fire fox is too tight and hot.

Answer B
Mask: cordial
Even to some strangers, you are an old friend at first contact for your gentle and soothing qualities. However, the truth is you are that guy who is easy to access but hard to understand, and you do not like to pour out your life experiences easily to someone. Being gentle seems to be a kind of mentality and manners to you. In a word, you are the wolf disguised as grandmother on bed, you only show your gentle and kindness to strangers, and only your best friends know how crazy you are.

Answer C
Mask - Indifference
Your anxiety makes your indifference. Maybe the biggest anxiety is that you desire for true love, however, the desire generated the fear of being loved by someone, thus, you covered yourself with indifferent and desperate expression, and it really looks like a poor passenger of life and a ruin without soul. Only the people around you know the truth that you are a very romantic guy. You look like the splendid firework in the sky when you are in a good mood.

Answer D
Mask: realistic
You are an animal like a turtle. People think you love money, but in fact you never care about money. To you, money is a necessary mask to protect your soft compassion, is a way to purchase your dream, and is a hard shell to help you through all kinds of difficulties. Only your best friends know your dream is your only and real weak point.

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